The Church of Saint John the Baptist of Monterosso al Mare was built between the 13th and the 14th century. Thus, the façade dates back to 1307, with an entrance overtopped by a massive white marble rosary window embellished with a fresco which depicts the baptism of the Christ (the fresco was added in the 18th century). The interior of the church is divided into three naves, and it features a striking Gothic character, in contrast with the overall Baroque dash of the building. The baptismal font was built in 1360, but the altar is a later addition, dating back, along with the stalls, to 1734.

The bell tower of the church was, it too, constructed later than the original structure. Initially, it was part of the fortress built by the Genovese in the 13th century, but it was later integrated in the church’s structure (during the 15th century) and, after an earthquake in the 18th century, it was partially rebuilt.

Church of Saint John the Baptist (Monterosso al Mare) (Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista)
Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni, Monterosso al Mare, Italy
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