Beach in Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare enjoys the reputation of being the most modern of all the five resorts of Cinque Terre. This feature is evidenced, amongst others, by the fact Monterosso has... Beach in Monterosso al Mare

Beach in Vernazza

The small sandy beach in Vernazza is full of Ligurian character and, despite the fact it is not the most popular sunbathing venue in Cinque Terre, at least from a... Beach in Vernazza

Beach in Corniglia

Corniglia proper does not have a beach, since the said village is the only landlocked resort in Cinque Terre. However, in its vicinity there is one of the most picturesque... Beach in Corniglia

Beaches in Manarola

Just as it is the case with Corniglia, in Manarola there is no beach proper. However, in its vicinity, somewhere between Corniglia and Manarola, on the hiking trail which connects... Beaches in Manarola

Beach in Riomaggiore

The beach in Riomaggiore is located at the end of the celebrated Via dell’Amore, which is a section of the Blue Trail of Cinque Terre. We speak of a public... Beach in Riomaggiore

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