Monterosso al Mare enjoys the reputation of being the most modern of all the five resorts of Cinque Terre. This feature is evidenced, amongst others, by the fact Monterosso has the best beaches in Cinque Terre. We speak of the longest and the sandiest stretch which is also the best endowed in terms of basic facilities. It is, in fact, a mainstream beach, meaning though it is the most comfortable of all, it lacks the typical charm of the Qinque Terre area.

The beach is, indeed, the sandiest of all beaches in Cinque Terre, but the amount of small pebbles is considerable enough to make lounge chairs recommendable. The chairs can be rented on the private beach, but there is also a free area where tourists can lay on their own towels. One of the most popular areas of the beach in Monterosso al Mare is called the Fegina Beach. The stretch of sand and pebbles is majestically overtopped by the dramatic Statue of the Giant. The view is quite unique in Cinque Terre, and it is worth admiring. There are plenty of restaurants in the vicinity of the beach where tourists can have refreshments or a quick snack.

Given its reputation, the Fegina Beach is one of the most crowded in Cinque Terre. Some appreciate this feature, others choose to avoid the beach and opt for the beaches in the neighboring Vernazza or Corniglia, or, why not, for the south Manarola and Riomaggiore. The beach in Monterosso al Mare is easily accessible by train or by following the hiking trail between the Vernazza and Monterosso.

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