Castle of Riomaggiore

The Castle of Riomaggiore was built in the 13th century by order of Marquis Turcotti, lord of Ripalta, and it is one of the most important historical edifices in Cinque... Castle of Riomaggiore

Guardiola Tower

The Guardiola Tower is said to be one of the best lookouts in Riomaggiore, which is why it is often used by keen birdwatchers. Located on the Fossola Beach, right... Guardiola Tower

Statue of the Giant

The Statue of the Giant, also referred to as the Statue of Neptune, is a rather recent acquisition for the architectural landscape of Monterosso al Mare. Built no sooner than... Statue of the Giant

Doria Castle

The origins of the Doria Castle are not known with certainty, though the first historical references to this edifice are made for the 13th century. It is highly likely the... Doria Castle

Castle of Monterosso

The Castle of Monterosso is more of an archeological site than a still-standing structure. Only certain elements of the former edifice are visible today, such as parts of the walls... Castle of Monterosso

Aurora Tower

The Aurora Tower is one of the most celebrated tourist sights in Monterosso al Mare. Its was built by the Genovese during the 16th century as part of the local... Aurora Tower

Castle of Levanto

The Castle of Levanto used to be part of the former defensive system of Levanto, the city walls, dating back to the 12th century, when the region was under the... Castle of Levanto

San Giorgio Castle

The San Giorgio Castle is, by far, the most important historical architecture landmark of La Spezia and, next to the several museums one can visit in La Spezia, the most... San Giorgio Castle

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