Memory Musem

The Memory Museum is located in Riomaggiore and, despite its size (it is quite a small venue), it tries to provide a comprehensive picture about what Cinque Terre is all... Memory Musem

Anselmo Crovaras Collection

The Anselmo Crovaras Collection is a private collection gathered in time by Anselmo Crovara, a local of Manarola who understood that preserving the past is a way of making one’s... Anselmo Crovaras Collection

Technical Naval Museum

Located in La Spezia, the Technical Naval Museum focuses on displaying the naval history of the province of La Spezia and of its surroundings. The exhibits are displayed on two... Technical Naval Museum

G Podenzana Civic Ethnographic Museum

The G. Podenzana Civic Ethnographic Museum of La Spezia bears the name of the main contributor to the impressive 3,500-item collection and first curator of the museum. G. Podenzana was... G Podenzana Civic Ethnographic Museum

Amedeo Lia Museum

The Amedeo Lia Museum is located in La Spezia, and it is sheltered by the church and convent of the Friars of San Francesco da Paola. The museum was inaugurated... Amedeo Lia Museum

Seals Museum

The Seals Museum in La Spezia is, by force of the valuable and extensive collection of seals is shelters, a unique venue. It mission is to retrace the history of... Seals Museum

Center of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Center of Modern and Contemporary Art of La Spezia is arranged on three sections. One level is dedicated to the temporary exhibitions, whereas the other level showcases the permanent... Center of Modern and Contemporary Art

Museum of the San Giorgio Castle

The San Giorgio Castle is a major historical landmark of La Spezia. The still standing original parts date back to the 13th century, when Nicolo Fieschi commissioned the construction of... Museum of the San Giorgio Castle

Church of San Francesco

The present Church of San Francesco dates back to 1632, when a former place was worship was reconstructed. This religious edifice is a notable tourist sight of Monterosso al Mare... Church of San Francesco

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Soviore

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Soviore, allegedly the oldest Marian sanctuary in Cinque Terre, is located just nearby Montersosso al Mare, in the locality of Soviore. Parts of the... Sanctuary of Our Lady of Soviore

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