The Anselmo Crovaras Collection is a private collection gathered in time by Anselmo Crovara, a local of Manarola who understood that preserving the past is a way of making one’s way to the future. The collection consists of all conceivable tools used in the everyday life and work by the communities of farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths and other craftsmen in Cinque Terre.

The impressive amount of tools amassed in time by Anselmo Crovaras (hammers, clubs, sickles, baskets, oil lanterns, pans, saws, grills and so on) is bound to be turned into a museum open to the public at large, such that each visitor (tourists or locals alike) be made aware of the importance of preserving the patrimony of the past. This is a project initiated under the auspices of the National Park of Cinque Terre.

Anselmo Crovaras Collection (Collezione Privata di Anselmo Crovara)
Colline delle Tre Croce, Manarola, Italy
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