In order to get to Cinque Terre, tourists have three main options: they can fly there, or reach the destination of their choice by train or by car. Trains tend to be the top choice, since each of the resorts has its own train station, and the railway infrastructure turns the region accessible from virtually all corners of Italy. Driving to Cinque Terre has its own notable drawbacks, which is why it is the least advisable alternative. If flying is, eventually, the tourist’s choice, they must keep in mind the airports in Genoa and Pisa are the most convenient.

Getting to Cinque Terre by boat is not necessarily a manner of actually getting there proper, since it can be rightfully deemed more of a way of getting around in Cinque Terre.

By plane

Cinque Terre is not serviced by any airports, but flying to this celebrated destination is possible by means of the several airports located in the big cities in the vicinity of Cinque Terre. Thus, the Cristoforo Colombo Airport of Genoa (north of Cinque Terre) and the Galileo Galilei Aiport in Pisa (south of Cinque Terre) are the most straightforward solutions, given the distance between Cinque Terre and each of these airports is around 100 kilometers.

The Milan Malpensa Airport and the Florence Airport can also be taken into account, but tourists should keep in mind the airport transfer means from these two last alternatives need more time to cover the distance to Cinque Terre. That, in a way, defeats the purpose of landing to Florence or Milan since by definition traveling by air is nothing if not the most timesaving manner of getting to the destination of one’s choice.

The bottom line is opportunities do exist, and tourists can rely on the nearby airports in order to make a fast trip to Cinque Terre.

By train

Getting to Cinque Terre by train is deemed one of the best alternatives not only by force of the fact the region is linked to virtually the entire Italy by the railway infrastructure, but also because traveling by train offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy the Ligurian landscape in a manner unparalleled by other transport means.

Cinque Terre is located on the railway between Genoa, Pisa and Rome, meaning the tourist openness is quite notable. There is a train station located in each of the five villages so, regardless of the chosen resort, visitors can get there by train. The regional trains are the ones which stop in each and every village part of Cinque Terre, but newcomers should keep in mind other types of trains don’t. If traveling from Pisa, Rome, Genoa, or from other major cities of Italy or Europe, and depending on the direction from where they come, tourists must change trains in either La Spezia or Sestri Levante. From these stations, the regional trains, as said, are the best alternative.

For complete and updated information on the trains which links Rome, Genoa, Pisa and Florence to Cinque Terre, as well as to learn about the ticket prices, train stations and exchange trains, visit Trenitalia [].

By car

While getting to Cinque Terre by car is, without doubt, possible, tourists who have already made this experience usually advise newcomers not to resort to this alternative, chiefly because the narrow meandering streets stand as a challenge able to turn a car trip to Cinque Terre into a nuisance instead of a pleasant holiday event.

However, tourists who do decide to get to Cinque Terre by car must learn Autostrada Auzzura (A 12) is the only motorway in the region, delineating the east extremity of Cinque Terre. Yet, in order to get to Cinque Terre proper, visitors must take the sundry exits and turn to the adequate combination of roads in order to reach to Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza or Monterosso al Mare or, in fact, to any other village in the region.

Thus, people who come from Florence, Pisa or even Rome should first head north for La Spezia and then take the so-called Via delle Cinque Terre and its extension, Via Litoranea. On the other hand, people who come from Genoa, for instance, must follow the A 12 Motorway and then take the Carrodano exit and head south to the destination of their choice.

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