Vernazza is one of the liveliest villages in Cinque Terre. Suspended on a cliff, the first historical documents about this village date back to 1080, when it had the role of a fortified village and maritime base. And, as a testimony, Vernazza provided both glorious sailors and mercenary leaders, which have thought in renowned battles – such as the battles with Federico II.

While back then this place was, probably, quite Spartan, now it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. And it is, in fact, hard not to fall in love with this small settlement – with houses clustered on cliffs, around a natural harbor, with small streets forming a tiny maze before leading to the main street. This small village is the most visited in Cinque Terre, by tourists all around the world, especially in the summer.

And, while it can be reached from any of the other four villages in Cinque Terre, through any hiking route, the most breathtaking view of the village is when tourists arrive by sea – only by sea the village can be seen in all its beauty. The natural harbor with a small port, the Church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia (built in the 14th century), the remains of a castle in the eastern part, and – of course – the defense system built in the 10th century: a wall, two lookout towers, and the Doria Castle – these all can be seen in all their splendor, all at once, by sea.

Of course, these are not the only places to visit while in Vernazza. Another place should definitely be the Church of Our Lady of Reggio – a shrine visited not only by tourists, but by pilgrims too.

And, if tourists are not necessarily keen on hiking, they can spend the day in the village, in one of the many restaurants and pizzerias, while in the evening sitting at a coffee table, gazing at the sea, in the central square – which is, actually, a smaller sea of coffee tables.

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