Known as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, Venice is located at a considerable distance from Cinque Terre. The distance amounts to more than 250 kilometers, Venice being situated on the opposite side of the peninsula.

Venice sinks slowly and surely into what used to be the city’s main defense against land invaders – the Venetians used to flood the surrounding area in order to divert those attacks, thus creating a quite deep lagoon around the city. However, the land is now filled with water and the constant threat of flood tides from the sea makes this city a now short lived gem.

Nevertheless, besides the fact that this seems like a city built on water, Venice is also a place prized by art lovers, because of its museums and architectural patrimony.

However, the Carnival of Venice, revived in 1980, takes the cake when it comes to tourist attractions – this is one of the most important and well known festivals in the world, a festival which attracts visitors from all over the world.

How to get from Cinque Terre to Venice

By train

Getting from Cinque Terre to Venice by train is, without a doubt, a solution. The main drawback is tourists must change trains two or three times in order to eventually get to Mestre (which is the main train station of Venice). In order to learn about the places where trains must be changed, schedules, ticket prices and the like, visit Trenitalia.

By car

Traveling by car from Cinque Terre to Venice requires the combination of several important thoroughfares. Thus, for instance, after taking the A12 Motorway (Autostrada Azzura) tourists should take the A 15 motorway which runs northwards, then exit on the A1 Motorway nearby Parma, follow Autostrada del Sole all the way to Bologna and then take the A13 Motorway (Autostrada Bologna-Padova). In Padova, tourists must take the A4 Motorway (Autostrada Padova-Venezia) and then exit on Via della Liberta and its extension, Ponte della Liberta in order to get to the city proper.

By plane

Traveling from Cinque Terre to Venice by plane is undeniably the most straightforward manner of getting to the City of Masks. In order to do that, tourists must head for either the Genoa Airport or for the Pisa Airport (the two airports which are located the closest to Cinque Terre) by using the specific airport transfer means available, and then take a plane to Marco Polo Airport of Venice.

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