Why visit Pisa

The distance between Monterosso and Pisa amounts to approximately 78 kilometers, therefore this would be a short trip, whether by car, by train or by bus. Pisa, already an ancient city while under the Roman Empire, could be considered one of the main attractions in the vicinity of Cinque Terre.

Being an ancient city, tourists can spot here all sorts of sights, chiefly architectural structures generally built in the spirit of the classical styles (Romanic, Gothic and the like) and visit one of the many museums in Pisa.

However, the main attraction remains the celebrated Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is actually an architectural curiosity: built in approximately 200 years, starting from the early 12th century, the tower began to sink and lean, because of the weak foundation. Nevertheless, even if now – after restoration – the tower leans at about 4 degrees, it still hasn’t collapsed, and its flaw is maintained on purpose, given it brings fame to both the sight and the city.

Still, there are many different other places tourists are advised to visit, such as the Knights’ Square (where the Palazzo dela Carovana can be admired), or the famous Medici Palace (purchased by the Medici family in the 15th century). Rich in palaces and churches, in Pisa travelers can admire the works of famous artists such as Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, exhibited in one of the many museums (Muso dell’Opera del Duomo, or Museo Nazionale di S. Matteo), and of the likes of Vasari.

How to get from Cinque Terre to Pisa

By train

Traveling by train is, however, a solution at hand, taking into account there is a train station in each of the five villages of Cinque Terre. Pisa Centrale is the main train station in Pisa, and most of the trains traveling from Cinque Terre arrive here. Another aspect tourists should keep in mind is in most cases they must change trains in La Spezia. In order to learn more about the trains leaving from Cinque Terre to Pisa, ticket prices, duration of the trip and the like, visit Trenitalia.

By car

People who want a different kind of experience can just as well travel by car between Cinque Terre and Pisa. In order to do that, they must first get to the A12 Motorway (Autostrada Azzura) by using any of the practicable roads from the villages of Cinque Terre, and then simply follow the motorway until they reach the Via Aurelia exit.

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