The Seals Museum in La Spezia is, by force of the valuable and extensive collection of seals is shelters, a unique venue. It mission is to retrace the history of moulds and imprints throughout the course of time. The exhibits are arranged chronologically and geographically, and the oldest seals dates back to the fourth millennium BC.

Geographically and culturally speaking, the seals were gathered from Anatolia and Iran, Rome and Egypt, Russia and China, and it is to Lilian and Euro Capellini that most of this collection owes it existence. The museum is sheltered in a Neo-Gothic building locally known as the Lucio Rosaia Palazzina delle Arti.

Seals Museum (Museo del Sigillo)
236, Via Prione, La Spezia, Italy
0039 0187778544
Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 10am to 12am and 4pm to 7pm; Tuesdays: 4pm to 7pm
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