Corniglia is the quiet village in Cinque Terre – it is isolated, with no opening to the sea, well above on the hills. As a matter of fact, either hiking path you choose, you will have to ascend – if you enter, or descend – if you leave, on a long flight of brick stairs, called Lardarina, composed from 33 flights, each with 377 stairs. Even if that might sound a little too much, these stairs are practically an enticing maze of walkways, watched over by tall houses, lemon trees, vines and all types of vegetation, on both sides.

However, once there, tourists can get a glimpse of what the entire Cinque Terre was a few decades ago – there are not as many restaurants and bars, just a little square overlooked by a statue.

And, since we have mentioned it, Corniglia is actually a nickname of the roman colonist Corneliu, who presumably founded this settlement. Corniglia was well known for its wine production since ancient times – in the ruins of Pompei there was discovered a wine amphora, with the word “Corenelia” written on it.

While it is the quietest village in Cinque Terre, tourists can have a good day in here, while visiting the Oratory of Santa Caterina, or the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace.

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